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Please read the following information carefully before signing up for the course.
System Requirements:                Sign Up for the Course

Operating System:
Windows 7/XP/Vista, Macintosh OS, iOS, Android, Tablets, Smart Phones
NOTE: You may need to download Photon or download Puffin for Tablets or Smart Phones.

Internet Explorer (6 or higher), Mozilla (Firefox), Safari. (The course may work fine on other browsers as well; these however have been tested thoroughly and are known to work correctly with this course.)

Other requirements:
Javascript must be enabled on your browser for many of the course functions to run correctly.
You must also have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system to read much of the required documentation. If you don’t have this reader, click Adobe Acrobat Reader to install it.
Payment and Registration:

A Sign Up link is provided below this text. On clicking this, you are taken first to Paypal to make payment for the course.
The course fee is $14.99 for the Initial course or $11.99 for the Renewal course. which is in addition to the $23.00 fee you must pay the OLCC for the Alcohol Server Permit Application.

After you complete the payment process, if you are a Pay–Pal member you will be redirected automatically from PayPal to our initial registration page. If you are not a Pay–Pal member, please do not close the Pay–Pal payment page when you finish your payment, as you will need to click the link to our course registration page, which is shown on Pay–Pal.
If you close the Pay–Pal page before clicking this link you will lose access to the registration process.

When you have completed your payment and arrive at the Moment’s Notice course registration page, you will then enter your username and password for the course, as well as your email address, and you will receive an email with your username and password and a link to the entry page for the course.

On clicking this link in your email, you will be taken first to a page to complete your registration, where you will be required to enter your personal information and answer security questions used to validate your identity periodically in the course. All the fields marked with an asterisk on this page must be filled in, and are all requirements of the OLCC application process. We ask for no personal information not required by the OLCC, and we share your information with noone other than the OLCC.

When you have completed the final registration page, a copy of your security questions will be emailed to you and you will be taken to the Member’s Homepage. On this page you will find links to download essential materials for the course, and a link to enter the course which will take you to the top of Unit 1.

Course Outline and Description:

You will be required to have a PROCTOR present with you during the final exam. A PROCTOR is a person who supervises or monitors students at an examination. The PROCTOR can be anyone (family member, co–worker, friend, etc.) and is required to be 21 years of age or older. The PROCTOR does not have to be an Oregon resident. The PROCTOR must be present during the entire duration of the OLCC test. Before the OLCC test begins you and your PROCTOR will have to agree to the terms of an affidavit to this effect.

The course is divided into seven units, each with several sections arranged vertically within the unit.
When you initially enter a course unit, you will see first a listing of the unit’s goals and objectives.

If you are taking the Initial Alcohol Server course, the remainder of the unit is not visible immediately – after a short delay a link "Next Section" will appear at the bottom of the Goals and Objectives section enabling you to move forward. On clicking this link, the page will automatically scroll to the next section of that unit, and again, after a short delay another "Next Section" link will appear.

If however you are taking the Renewal Alcohol Server course, all the sections in a Unit will be revealed as soon as you enter the Unit. Consequently the Renewal course can be taken somewhat more quickly. Regardless of which course you are taking, please be sure to review all the sections in each unit. Laws relevant to your job as a server may have changed since the last time you took the Alcohol Server course in the past, whether that was itself an Initial or Renewal course.

To the left of all Next Section Links another link "Previous Section" enables you to move back to the last section you were studying. You can also use the scrollbar on the right to move more quickly up and down the page once several sections have been revealed.

In some sections you will be required to give the answer to one of the security questions you entered during the registration process. You must answer correctly in order to proceed.

At the end of each section the last link presented will take you the the Unit Review Quiz, where you have an opportunity to test your knowledge of the Unit you just studied. At the top of the quiz a link will be provided to re–enter the Unit Study Area should you feel insufficiently ready for the quiz after you’ve looked it over. You must score 100% on the quiz to move ahead to the next unit.

In many of the units you will be presented with scenarios as well, to test your ability to respond to actual situations that will arise in your workplace. Please study these carefully as they represent situations you WILL encounter as a server.

As you proceed through the course, your progress will be stored on our server. If you should leave the course before completion, and return at a later time, you will enter the unit you were last working on automatically via the "Go To Training" link on the Member’s HomePage, rather than have to start over from the beginning.

You can at any time review previous sections of the course by clicking the "Index of Study Areas" link at the top of every course page. You can re–play scenarios, review study areas, re–take quizzes, etc. only via this Index. No course pages may be entered directly (e.g., typing a URL into your browser’s address bar) for reasons of security.

It is not possible to "skip ahead" in this course. You must complete the previous unit’s study areas, along with any scenarios or exercises, and the unit’s quiz, before you can enter the next study area.

On completion of the final Unit, your access to the course contents will be closed, as you must take the OLCC examination closed–book and cannot refer to any of the materials in the course or to any of the study materials you downloaded.

If you have read and understand all of the above, meet system requirements listed above needed for the course, and wish to sign up for OLCC Alcohol Server Permit Training with Moment’s Notice Oregon Testing, please click the link below to go to our SignUp Page.

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