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Oregon Alcohol Server Permit
Secure Online Training for the
OLCC Server Permit.

Three Simple Steps:

1. Complete our course to receive
the Proof of Class document
through your email.

2. Visit the
OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Portal
to take and pass the Final Exam.

3. Receive your Server Permit
from the OLCC.

For those with NO time for a classroom.
SAVE time and $$ at the pump
Take your Alcohol Server Education (ASE)
course online.

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(503) 481–5847 or contact us at

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Oregon Alcohol Server Permit Training
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OLCC Permit Training:
This online class fulfills the educational
requirements for obtaining an
OLCC alcohol server permit.
This class is for: Bartenders, Servers,
Waitstaff, Managers or anyone who serves
in Oregon liquor licensed businesses.
This ASE course is also approved for:
Clerk Training and
Seller Training.
   PLEASE NOTE: You will need to visit
   the OLCC Portal at this link:
   in order to take the Final Exam.