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Thank you for Choosing Moment's Notice Oregon Testing for your online Alcohol Server Permit training!

We will do our best to ensure you have a pleasant training experience, while giving you the tools you will need as a responsible Alcohol Server in the state of Oregon.

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If you have any questions or need help, please call us at (503) 481–5847.

When you arrive at our registration page after completing your payment, you will create a login consisting of a username and password. You will log in to the course using these. Please be sure to type or paste your new username and password into the login box when you encounter it. If the box is pre–filled with a different username please overwrite that username and the password below it with your new username and password.

Aside from emails we send you with login details and other items necessary for the course, we will also send you newsletter updates describing any changes in Oregon law relevant to your job, Server Permit renewal reminders (when the time since you passed the course gets close to the five year renewal date OLCC requirement), and discounts for you or that you can share with co-workers, family, or friends you think might be interested in becoming an alcohol server in Oregon.

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Alcohol Server Course:

Class Fee - $14.99