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How are Unit Quizzes Graded?

Once answers are submitted, correct answers are highlighted in GREEN. Incorrect answers are in RED.
Incorrect answers require the you to re–take the Quiz.
IT IS MANDATORY to get 100% on the Quizzes before you can proceed to the next Study Unit.

Why do you need my E–mail address?

You need an E–mail account to receive your username and password and to complete registration. A username and password is required to login to the Members Area. If you do not have an email address, here are links to Gmail, Yahoo, and MSN:    Google Gmail    Yahoo Email    MSN Hotmail

What is your refund policy?
There will be no refunds once the payment and registration has been completed, whether you fail or pass the OLCC test to qualify for an OLCC permit.

The OLCC and passing the exam:

Read the material thoroughly and utilize our course to prepare for the OLCC exam. When you have completed our course the next step is to visit the OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Portal to take and pass the test. In order to take the test, you will need to create an account, and upload a Proof of Class document. (We will email your the Proof of Class document to you upon completion of the course.) If you need to fill out an OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Application, you can also do that and pay through the Portal.

If you need assistance with the OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Portal you can find it here: OLCC Portal User Guide

You can find the OLCC's Portal FAQs page here: OLCC Portal FAQs

What is the course fee and how do I make payment for the course?
The fee for the course is $14.99. It is required for payment that you have a credit card, debit card or PayPal account to take the course.
!!DO NOT PANIC!! If you do not have a credit card or PayPal Account, a Visa Charge type card can be purchased at many convenience or grocery stores and used to pay for the course.
Moment’s Notice simply uses PayPal as a means to utilize electronic payments. YOU DO NOT need to be a member of PayPal to use PayPal.

PayPal has two options to make a payment:

PayPal Members: PayPal members can login to their PayPal account and pay there; a little quicker and more convenient. PayPal members are automatically redirected to our registration page after payment.
NON PayPal MEMBERS: Non PayPal members can make their payment pretty easily, though it involves a couple of extra steps.
PLEASE NOTE: Non PayPal members are NOT automatically redirected to our registration page after payment. Instead, PayPal provides a link to our registration page at the end of the payment process. If you are not a PayPal member, please DO NOT close the PayPal page after payment but instead click the link to our registration page.
The fee for the Alcohol Server Permit Training Course is $14.99. This is separate from the OLCC $28.65 service permit application fee.

What about my Login?

Once you are ready to take the course and activate your Login information you will be directed to a secure link to PayPal. Only when the payment has been completed can you Login to the course.

Password and User Names:

In order to take the course and exam a Username and Password are required.
Passwords and usernames are case sensitive. Please write down your username and password and store in a safe place.
Try to make the password simple to remember, but not something someone else could easily guess.
Please do not share your Login information.
If you forget your password: Check your email for the login information sent when you first registered. If you still can’t find it, email us and we’ll set up a new one for you.

Site Navigation:

To move up and down on the pages: At the bottom of each section we provide "Previous Section" and "Next Section" links; to move from section to section within a study unit please use these links – avoid using the browser "back" and "forward" buttons for the best study experience. We provide other links throughout the pages for materials you may need to download, etc.
We also provide glossary definitions of terms used in this course. These can be accessed by hovering your mouse over any text highlighted in red.
Click the side arrows on the right of the page or click and use the scroll dial on your mouse if you want to fine–tune your vertical position on the page.
More detailed navigation instructions are also provided via a link at the top of every Members Area page.

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista, Macintosh OS, iOS & Droid.
Browser: Internet Explorer (6 or higher), Mozilla (Firefox), or Safari. (The course may work fine on other browsers as well; these however have been tested thoroughly and are known to work correctly with this course.)
Handhelds: Tablets, Smart Phones.
Other requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed, and JavaScript enabled on your browser for many of the course functions to run correctly.

To download essential materials needed for this course:

Links to download required course materials will be presented in the Entry Page to the course, and a link to our Resource Download Center is also available at the top of all Member Area pages.

What do I do if I encounter problems using the course or if I have questions?

If your answer is in the FAQs you will be re–directed to this section. Please review the instructions and FAQs thoroughly. If you still need assistance we will be more than happy to aid you in any way we can. You may contact us at [email protected] or call (503) 481–5847.
NOTE: If you are using web–based email clicking the email address above will not work. You will instead need to copy and paste or type the email address into the "To" field of your web–based email program.